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This music was born from Rachel's response to the COVID pandemic this year. You will find her story here.

Listening to the Quiet... At the River
Flowing peacefully, the quiet of the river runs throughout the music.
CD1 - Piano Solo
CD2 - Piano & Cello, Reflections of Faith

What people
are saying...

"I couldn't wait to listen to your new CD... and listen, I did. I do... every day. As you know, I yearn to listen to any and all of your music, as it tends to take me to "another place." A place of joy and comfort.

'Listening to the Quiet' is so lovely, it's smooth and subtle... it's clear as a bell, inspiring, sweet. Surprisingly high level. Musically you were born to create, assemble and share this incredible gift of yours. It flows from you like the river...

The cello and your piano playing make a duo so pleasing to the ears. I love to hear how you put your own twist on songs that have been around for ages."

~ Madeline